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Event Hire

We offer a service that provides top of the range kit to make your event the best it can be.

So what does this entail.

Well, we can provide a number of inflatables which would all be fenced off for best child safety and control.  

We offer a pay and play which the kids / guests pay to go on for a period of time. If you choose this option you don't pay anything upfront. We give you a % of the profits back or to charity at the end of your event.  

Or you can pay for an event package which you pay us at the start like a private hire and manning charge. Your guests will then go on free.  

We do have two options 

We can supply generators. (This will either be a charge or affect the profit back to you).

Or you can provide mains supply (minimum of three separate sockets ) .    

Assault course 12 ft
Assault jungle 10ft
Celebration 18 ft
Jungle Slide 10ft
Slide 10ft platform
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4x unicorn hopperz
Frozen 12 ft
Slide 10ft platform
FROZEN 12 ft
Happy hoppers £10
Action heroes 12ft
Party time box 10 ft